Hot Eyelash Curler 2 Types

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It is a dried up cellular type hot eyelash curler that is packed with the dedication to buy the lovely eyelashes that professionals demand, jointly created by Akemi Nakano & Kai. Natural radial eyelashes could be created by pressing the latest temperature board against the root of the eyelashes. Furthermore, the eyelashes may not be damaged and wonderful curls continue throughout the day. Very easy to switch on / off the energy, if the arm is out, change it on (just open the covering and push the button), fold it in over 50 % and change it into the lid. Therefore if you fold it in over 50 %, you can type in a little pouch. Curl up while taking out the mascara through a separate brush. Utilizing point combs causes it to be effortless to fine-tune the eyelash flow while separating the eyelashes. As it is a simple AAA electric battery, electric battery exchange is simple. AAA alkaline batteries are sold individually. How to use: Open the covering, media the switch, as well as the potential is going to be switched on once the arm rises. Close the cover and hang on about 100 seconds for the heater to warm up. Look at the heating state of the high temperature board with your fingertips. Location a heating board or perhaps brush close to the root of the eyelashes. Kindly take with a mirror to avoid damaging the eyelids. The moment to keep the heater component on one eyelash is about 2 to 3 seconds. But there are individual differences in how the eyelashes increase, and so please adjust the time. But there are individual differences in the surface as well as condition maintenance of eyelashes. If the arm is retracted, the energy is turned off. The energy will not switch off if it is not fully retracted. Pack Size - 1 pc

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