Hair Kolor Art F27 Formal Brown 50G

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One day - One Time - Hair Color Wax. Beyond the age of 40, you might think you are loosing hair volume. While changing hair color, EMAJINY wax can make your hair volumized. By EMAJINY's coloring know-how to alter hair that is black to colorful flashy locks, F27 (Formal Brown) additionally alters your hair to stylish brownish. Matte wax produces hair that is natural styling as you want, and also offers even more organic impact. You can remove the wax by shampoo or even soap. The style wax may well diminish because of water, sweat, rain, etc. When towel dry looking, please use a bath towel that does not matter whether or not the color adheres, in case. When you get the wax on garments, it might not be eliminated, and so you must take care upon applying the wax. Do rinse the wax available after applying. Generally there ought to be the private difference in the color tone as well as the structure.

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