Bicassa Head Serum 120Ml

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With a great refreshing sensation as well as an abundance of dampness, it leads to adaptable head consisting of suppleness and suppleness, clearing even obviously to the heart. Head Massager urges blood flow. Notice the stylish Oriental attractiveness with well-rounded scalp. Wannian plant 3 Activated complex HD formulation (Goryong carrot extract, Touki extract, Yeonian extract, glycerin: moisturizing) Head lubrication extract method (pepper extract, hop extract, decyltetradecylamine oxide, glycerin: moisturizing) The best way to make use of: Use it for clean dry head as well as head after towel drying. Apply about 10 places in the entire head hence the mouth of the pot is applied towards the head. While making the scalp carefully stretch like understanding together with the fingertip. Apply to the entire scalp. Let's glide the fingers' belly close to the rear of the forehead and also the neck out of the hairline of the forehead, so that the entire hair is removed by hand.

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