Prior Gel Essence Refill 48G

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This is a gel attractiveness serum for aging line on the face. The serum penetrates well and offers deep water. It offers lots of moisture that is losing by aging rich into the stratum corneum and will keep firmness around yes and mouth. It likewise would make the aging signature inconspicuous. Aging signature - rough skin, wrinkles by drying, disoriented, etc. Return the essence is familiar to skin and is giving a significant water. Will keep the stress as if tape was applied to the eyes as well as mouth. The facial lines due to drying are less noticeable. Contains taping touch ingredients (warmoko extract, tencha extract, psycho root extract, rosemary extract, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, squalane, glycerin / moisturizing). How to make use of: You'll want to replace the pre-gel gel serum before use. How you can make use of your face: After morning as well as evening lotion, take about 1cm in diameter on your fingertips and apply to the whole face. Make use of the milky lotion as well as lotion after the gel serum. Align your fingers and your thumb in the shape of the yaho hand. Lit your mouth sideways, fit your palms under your eyes from the cheekbones, and take them up more than once toward your ears. The best way to make use of the neck: When cleansing, bring two 1cm diameters on your fingertips, place them in two spots on the neck, and also apply to the whole neck. Use your entire palm and pull it also more than once from the center of the neck to print on the other side. If so, pull up the left side with your right hand and also the correct side with your left hand. V shape on the left as well as right. The best way to replace the primary unit: Remove the entire body cap. Put in a 10-yen coin into the indentation behind the mark on the rear of the key body container. Get rid of the internal container by carefully twisting. Place the replacement in a pot and push it firmly from above. Completely eliminate the closing seal for replacement. Lastly, shut the cap of the key unit. Do not transfer the contents remaining in the earlier container for replacement.

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