Brighting Patch 60 Pcs

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Simply place it with the spot where zits, freckles, dullness are worrisome. It is a film package for intensive care that may be thoroughly cleaned while sleeping. Besides supporting health, it can additionally be expected to have electricity for beautiful skin alpha - lipoic acid derivatized to high concentration. Alpha - lipoic acid derivatives with terrific stability penetrate completely into the skin, not only approaches to places where dullness is nervous, but additionally functions under melanogenesis. Perfect transparency is applied adequate to continue utilizing. Absolutely no scent, coloring, paraben free, natural ingredients formulation, weakly sour. Different attractiveness ingredients approaching nervous, approaching pinpoint. Poly- (Gamma) - glutamic acid, placenta extract, hyaluronic acid, Muwah root extract, concentrated olive leaf extract, Aloe vera extract, skin gorgeous ingredients are combined in colors that are several . The macromolecular gel-like film that confined the beautiful skin ingredients lightly sticks to the skin and permeates completely by the wrapping effect. fresh and Bright, circumstances that are ideal are recognized. How you can make use of: After cleansing, apply after conditioning skin with lotion, etc. Get rid of the bunch sheet and remove it from the backing sheet. Paste on the anxious component and also securely adhere it. Try giving me a rest for a single night. Each day, when used continuously, it is far better. When you do not paste package sheets, clean as usual. You can not conserve after opening. Utilize pack sheets instantly, and also utilize 2 sheets at a time.

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