Obagic Powder Wash 30 Pcs

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Zein Obagi. While saving the dampness, it is a facial cleanser which removes securely the darkening of the pores, clogging of square plugs, and roughness. Vitamin C formulation. The texture is modified and it leads to a smooth and smooth skin. Combination of two enzymes. Rinse off pore grime and old horny material, to skin with transparency. Furthermore , commitment to moisturizing ingredients Hime Furo Extract, Ascofilm Nodsmus extract also included. Ascorbic acid (texture moisturizing component). Proteolytic enzyme (protease: washing component), sebum processing enzyme (lipase: laundering component). How to use: Take a single dose (1 capsule) of powder in your palm, wash well with a tiny amount of water or even lukewarm water. Then rinse thoroughly.

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