N3 Mask 8 Pcs 3 Types

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It penetrates and also adheres to your face perfectly. High cotton quality, the mask is extended by 8 % Rich essence is fully assimilated into skin as well as sheet mask is not easy to dry. Extraordinary air-penetration to let skin breathe comfortably. Verbena Brightening: Providing skin with revitalizing eden-like energy. Allowing perhaps and radiant skin. Effectively lowers dullness, provides flawless bright tone skin. Tea Tree Purifying: Oil control, boost the engine oil disorder of your skin. Small specks that permit simple absorption. Effective hydration of the skin, maintain healthy skin condition. Centella Renewing: Effectively hydrate the skin, help the discomfort of skin that is dried up. Avoid reggedness, soothes the gentle touch of your skin layer. Moisturizes the skin, hydrating properties. How to use: Peel the sachet, unfold the mask. Apply thye mask firmly to the whole face. Remove after 15-20 minutes. Gently pat the remaining essence into skin.

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