Tsururi Black Head Cleansing Soap 2 Types

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Typical It is a facial cleanser soaked with gasker from Morocco in a snappy and dense bubble, refreshing with an obstinate square plug and roughness. Diverse gasoles collected only in Morocco and crushed charcoal into fine powders. Dense foam, dense foam carefully adheres to the rear of the pores. Gently rub the pores in the pores. 12 forms of vegetable oil are compounded. Although it is slippery, it does not tear off clothes. A scent of a refreshing organic flow rest that balancedly blends six kinds of natural essential oils. Rose It's seems to be a marvelous soap. Refined from the organic Morocco mineral clay as well as charcoal content, this particular soap helps remove dirts, makeup rich from pores in addition to older skin cells. Additionally, it contains 12 distinct plant essence engine oil for improved cleaning performance. It provides a bubble-forming net for lathering like everything you see in the photo. Both great for men & ladies. With damask rose fragrance. How to use: Put the soap in the bubble-forming net, add water as well as lathering. Use lather consistently on face and also purify with massage actions. Rinse after that.

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