Moltobene Moisturizing Treatment 240G

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Being glossy towards the tip of the hair. Therapy for the morning you wish to sleep. Shea butter's moisturizing ingredients in addition to natural incises. In oil as well as lupine oil formulation, maintaining the scalp in good health, fluids to the tip of the hair, it gains moistly. The nanoized royal jelly nutrition ingredients are extremely penetrating, repairing quick sensibility. Ink with good moisturizing effect. Oil, shea butter, lupine engine oil, combined with damask rose oil a lot, to the bristle feathering locks on the tip of the hair. Inca inch engine oil is organic oil from Peru's Amazon seed green nuts. Contains a lot of linoleic acid as well as linolenic acid and possesses a top moisturizing effect. Lupine Oil is a vegetable inhabited in the spot centered on South America and developed from far in the past. Contains abundant nutrients in seeds and contains many carotenoids and vitamin E. How you can Use: After as shampoo, gently moisturize as well as rinse after using ideal volume to whole locks. Pack Size - 240g

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